Selling is easy and this is how we do it, step by step

  1. You contact Mademoiselle Chic via email ( or by phone/text (+852 6254 2010) and describe what you would like to sell, e.g. type of clothing, brand and size.
  2. We schedule an appointment, (any day of the week), with either you visiting me in Stanley or me to you. If neither is convenient then we may arrange an alternative location.
  3. Mademoiselle Chic selects the articles according to style, brand, year, condition, season and its current stock.
  4. Mademoiselle Chic lists, describes and prices each of your items. We then propose a sale price that meets your agreement.
  5. Your belongings are shown on the website and displayed during the private sales that Mademoiselle Chic organises every month.
  6. When the article is sold, we pay you your share, (50% of the sale price), by cheque or bank transfer.
  7. The item remains with us for a period of 3 months. If the item fails to sell then it is returned to you in the same pristine condition as when it was collected.