Mademoiselle Chic policy

'You entrust to us your fashion belongings, we sell it for you'

After the Mademoiselle Chic selection of your items in terms of brands, style and condition, we decide the 'optimum retail price' with you and you then receive a complete inventory of all your articles. We sell them in our Stanley show-room or during the private sales that we organize every month. When the item is sold, half of the sale amount will be returned to you.

What we are looking for: Recent branded women's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories, trendy, in good condition and with a "chic touch"! It can be luxury brands (LV, Chloé, Prada etc.), 'High road clothes' (DVF, Max Mara, Marc Jacob etc.) or French designer (Maje, Sandro, Vanessa Bruno, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Zadig & Voltaire...).

Regarding the children's clothes, we are looking for prestigious brands like Bonpoint, Bonton, Jacadi, Zef or other 'little' brands (that are still nice!) such as Petit Bateau, Cyrillus, Monoprix...

Everything must be recent, cleaned, washed and ironed... and of course in accordance with the season!

We ONLY accept genuine articles with labels, serial number, place of production . If necessary, we could also ask to our contacts to confirm the authenticity (LVMH, Gucci Group...). However, if we have any doubt, we do not sell the item.

After more or less 3 months, we send you a status of your sales and we pay you according to your choice by cash, cheque or via bank transfer. We then arrange an appointment to collect your unsold goods.