Mademoiselle Who ?

From the haute couture capital of the world, a young Parisian mother - with a passion for fashion - was ecstatic when she arrived in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong in 2010. Heloise was eager to have the chance to renew hers and her daughters’ wardrobes and adapt to the radically different Hong Kong weather. Try as she might though, Heloise was not convinced by the ultra-mini dresses for her and the glittering trainers for her daughters and consequently discovered a depressing reality for a French woman... there was a desert between the sparkly, boldness of the Hello Kittys to the monogrammatic designs of Louis Vuitton. In a nutshell, there was a distinct lack of clothing from young, international designers at affordable prices in Hong Kong.

Along with another French Mademoiselle Chic and taking inspiration from the fashions that can be discovered in the second-hand shops of London and Paris, they decided to import the used clothes concept to Hong Kong and fill the void that oh so needed to be filled. Thus Mademoiselle Chic, the first French second-hand boutique for women and children in Hong Kong, was born. Its mission: To offer a unique selection of clothes, accessories and shoes for women and children at low prices.

One year later and now a sole venture, Mademoiselle Chic continues to offer a wide variety of stylish and chic items from such brands as Maje, Vanessa Bruno, Isabel Marant to the more luxurious Chloé, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs etc… These brands reflect the feminine chic and casual style Heloise is inspired by.

And so, having started this unique boutique, Heloise has realised another one of her dreams - to work in fashion. To dress, play with colours, styles, and materials and find the right outfit that is absolutely perfect for you.